SME and Non-SME Training Grant

SME Training Grant

Many companies today especially the Small and Medium-sized  Enterprises (SMEs) are facing challenges in the VUCA economy.  To overcome some of these challenges, there is a need to upskill the employees to be future-ready for what’s to come.  The Singapore government through the SkillsFuture initiative provides SME and non-SME training grant to equip their employees with the necessary skills to perform in their job.

What kind of funding is available for employers who sponsor employees for training?

Enhanced Training Support (SME Training Grant)

The Enhanced Training Support (ETS) provides enhanced funding to enable SMEs to send their local employees (Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident) for training.  SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) works with industry associations to identify courses which are suitable for employees of SME companies.  Certifiable courses which are the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) type of program are highly subsidized.  

The definition of SME as defined by Enterprise Singapore (ESG) are:

  • registered or incorporated in Singapore with at least 30% local shareholding AND
  • must not hire more than 200 employees (at group level) OR
  • post an annual sales turnover (at group level) of not more than S$100 million

The ETS program also supports absentee payroll funding when employees are away from their work attending training on top of the training grant.  The goal is to encourage employers to invest in employee development.

Some of the programme provided by BP Coach are accredited WSQ training courses.  This enable SME and non-SME companies to enjoy the available training subsidy when they sponsor their employee for training.  

Please refer to BP Coach Courses for available WSQ trainings.

BP Coach focuses on Leadership programme and the WSQ courses are aligned to the Leadership and People Management (LPM) Skills Framework.  Table 1 shows the both SME training grant and non-SME training subsidy available for our Leadership courses.  

WSQ SME Training Grant Subsidy
Table 1: SME & Non-SME Training Grant Subsidy

Here is an example of how to calculate the nett course fee payable after training grant subsidy if you are an SME company. Assuming the Course Fee is $900 for a 2-day workshop (e.g. 19.25 hours).

Course Fee (per participant)$ 900.00
SME Enhanced Training Support Subsidy (90%)($ 810.00)
Nett Fee Payable to Training Provider after Subsidy$ 90.00

How to calculate the amount of Absentee Payroll that the SME company can claim for sending the employee for training? Assuming the 2-day workshop is 19.25 training hours. Total Absentee Payroll Funding (capped at $7.50 per hour):

Absentee Payroll Funding (SME)= $7.50 x 19.25 hours
= $144.38

For more information about Employer-sponsored training, please visit SkillsFuture Training for Employers website