Coaching staff for growth, development and higher performance have become one of the most important leadership skills to master. Many managers are skilful task drivers to achieve results but are poor people developers. The long-term effect is de-motivated employees, vacuum in the leadership succession and poorly skilled staff with silo mentality lacking personal accountability.

Coaching is not about directing, telling or advising. It is a specialized conversation technique designed to bring out the best in people; a skill that can be learnt and sharpened by managers who desire to be masterful coaches and leaders. This skill is needed even more when holding performance appraisal session where the manager help the subordinate assess their areas of strengths and growth opportunities, set performance goals and objectives, reviewing accomplishments and rewarding performance.

This is a 2-day performance coaching workshop where managers learn the aspects of leadership development and techniques to apply those skills appropriately in their work environment to develop and improve staff performance. Below is an outline of the course content for the workshop.


  • performance coachingMind, Body and Spirit of a Masterful coach
  • Effective Coaching
  • Coaching Skills 1 – Building Trust
  • Coaching Skills 2 – Powerful Questioning
  • Coaching Skills 3 – Active Listening
  • The GROW Model
  • The Scaling Technique
  • Coaching Skills 4 – Helping Change


Our training methodology is based on adult learning principles with experiential, hands-on practices and accelerated techniques used. It is fun and full of role-plays, experiential games and real life practicum. Group discussions and videos are included.

ICF LogoThis 2 days coaching workshop have been conducted in numerous organisations within Asia with great success leading to greater performance in the organisation.  BP Coach is the authorised licensee for these coaching workshops developed by JMC Coach Mastery, which is based on the core coaching competencies outlined by International Coach Federation (ICF).

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