Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young – Henry Ford.

Leadership Training

One of the traits of a great leader is lifelong learning and training.  In the face of rapid change in today’s world, the best leaders continuously hone their skills to meet these challenges.  That learning may take a lot of different forms depending on an individual’s learning style. How an individual learn is also based on his stage of life, career, availability of mentors, reading preferences, workshops or training attended, and simply by that person trying different things.

At BP Coach, we listen to our clients and understand their learning needs.  We can contextualise our leadership training and workshop accordingly to meet their requirements.  Check out our latest Course Schedule.

Some of our popular workshops include:

  • Coach Certification Program (7 days)

    • International Coach Federation (ICF) approved coach certification program for aspiring leaders and professional coaches.  






  • High Impact Sales Training

    • To raise the sales team performance through various selling techniques like value selling, executive selling and high-impact selling skills.
    • For more information, please contact


  • Successful Sales Leadership

    • Learn to lead and coach successful sales team to outperform business targets in alignment to company’s vision and value systems.
    • For more information on this management training, please contact


Our approach for our program is based on adult learning principles and experiential hands-on workshop.  It encompasses fun experiential games, role plays, interactive discussion and real life practice.  Our program has been adopted by many companies in Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Asia as part of their leadership workshops for their managers and leaders, and have resulted in great improvement in performance within the organisation.

Please contact us for any specific requirements or customisation needs.