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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions:-


To acquire the first level of ICF ACC credential, participants would need to do the following:-

  • Complete the CMPC program (minimum of 60 hours of coach-specific training)
  • Complete 10 hours of mentor coaching (included in the CMPC program)
  • Clocked 100 coaching hours (75% must be paid-coaching, 25% can be pro-bono coaching) – no time limit
  • Apply to ICF Global upon meeting the above requirements
  • Complete an online Coach Knowledge Assessment, administered by ICF Global
  • Receive ICF ACC credential upon successful completion

More details are found at ICF website on Credentialing.  Please refer to the ACC ACSTH path.

Upon completion of the program, you will receive the “Certified Master Performance Coach” title in your certificate. This gives you the endorsement that you are a professionally trained coach, and you can start your journey to coach your clients.

In recent years, the “Coach” title have increasingly been used as a marketing buzzword. This has created a lot of confusion in the industry as to what a “Coach” role should be. More organisations are becoming aware about this issue, and they are now hiring coaches that have the necessary qualifications and credentials. As such, it will become important in the coming years to have the appropriate qualifications as a coach.

Consultants are professionals that provide expert advice in their field of expertise. They provide solutions to address the clients problem.

Coaches on the other hand do not provide any solution or advice to their clients. A coach believes that the client is creative and resourceful, and are in the best position to derive the solution for themselves. Through a process of listening and questioning, the coach helps to create self-awareness and discovery, and empowers the client to achieve his goals.

Our training is fully a face-to-face interactive learning environment. While we do understand the benefits of online learning, we believe that coaching skills are best learnt through experiential learning, not just with the facilitators but also through the interaction with your peer learners. Our minds are conditioned by our past experiences, values and beliefs, which shapes our perception and interpretation of situations and knowledge that we acquire. It’s only through the face-to-face interaction with the facilitators and peer learners that we realise there are many views behind what we thought it might be.

We understand how adult learn. We have designed and refined our program over the last decade with the right level of activities, games, facilitated learning, group discussion, coaching practicum that will bring the best learning value to our participants. See what some of our past graduates have to say.

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