Our company logo represents a sailboat setting off in a journey of experiences and discoveries.  Steering in the right direction, with the help of the sail, we look for lighthouses along the way to inform us if we are heading in the right path to our destination.  Our journey through life, career and businesses is very similar. We encounter challenges and the joy of achievements along the way.

BP Coach Training Pte Ltd was set up with the purpose of helping our clients to overcome these challenges, learn and develop new skills, and to achieve their goals in life.   Coaching for Performance is our core belief in helping everyone experience fulfilment in their work and daily lives.  Our leadership training program have been adopted by many organisations ranging from SMEs to large multi-national companies in Singapore and throughout the rest of the Asia Pacific countries.

BP Coach is also the authorised licensee of the Certified Master Performance Coach (CMPC) programs in Singapore from JMC Coach Mastery. The CMPC is a coaching certification program approved by International Coach Federation (ICF).


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  • Believe that everyone has more potential for greatness than what they may believe in themselves
  • Adopt a partnering process to guide and empower themselves
  • Help achieve self realisation, fulfilment and enjoyment in their lives



Our values are based on the AGILE principles.


  • As a goal driven organisation, achieving the objectives set out in each project is a key measurement to our client’s success


  • Giving back to society and the community is part of our social responsibility. Teaching and guiding the next generation is important to the growth of any society.


  • Being honest in our daily dealings, guided by our values and moral principles is the essence of our company culture.


  • The importance of lifelong learning is integral in this fast changing environment; that will ensure our survival in the future.


  • Our success can only happen if we can put ourselves in our client’s shoes and understand from their perspective.



Laurence TanLaurence Tan is the Director and Executive Coach of BP Coach Training Pte Ltd.  He has more than 25 years of industry experience.  These include roles in General Management and Sales Management with American Multi-National Companies (MNCs) in the high-tech industry, as well as an entrepreneur and business owner in the distribution and retail industry.

Throughout his corporate career, Laurence has consistently achieved “Top Sales” Awards in the Asia Pacific region as well as “Lifetime Achievement” Award.   As an entrepreneur, Laurence has also won the “South East Asia Business Excellence” Award as well as building up his retail stores to achieve “Business Family Friendly” accreditation from Ministry of Social & Family Development.

Well rICF Logoecognised as a “Difference Maker”, Laurence currently dedicates his time to help professionals and businesses excel in their goals through his coaching services.  He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from National University of Singapore and an “Asia International Executive Program” graduate from INSEAD School of Business.  He is a Credentialed Coach from International Coach Federation (ICF) headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky USA, and a “Certified Master Performance Coach”.

Laurence is also an associate consultant with Mercuri International Singapore that focuses on Sales Performance consultancy and training.  Mercuri International is the largest Sales Consultancy and Training provider worldwide and the Mercuri Sales Performance program has been voted Top 20 Sales Training Program internationally over the last 5 years by an independent organisations like TrainingIndustry.com and Selling Power magazine.

Laurence is actively involved in mentoring local SMEs to enhance their Learning and Development capabilities.  He is a certified SkillsFuture Mentor with Enterprise Singapore, and a trained consultant in Human Resource Maturity Diagnostics (HRMD) from Korn Ferry HayGroup.




Eng Neo is the Director and Executive Coach at BP Coach Training.  She has more than 25 years of experience working with clients in multiple Industries and Segments (Large Enterprises, SMEs, Consumers and Public sector).  She has held several General Management and Sales Leadership positions in Asia Pacific and in-country in Multi-national companies (MNCs) such as IBM, Microsoft as well as an Entrepreneur in the Retail and Management Coaching/Consulting industries.  With her Results-focused and Coaching style, she has guided many individuals and teams to great Successes.  For her contributions, she has been recognized with numerous Achievement awards.  Eng Neo currently dedicates her time to coaching Leaders and  professionals  to unleash their maximum potential , effect change and improve organizational performance.

ICF LogoShe is a Credentialed Coach from International Coach Federation, ICF Global, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky USA, and a “Certified Master Performance Coach”.  She graduated with a Bachelors of Engineering (Hons) degree from the National University of Singapore and has participated in Executive programs at the Harvard Business School and Boston University (School of Management).

Eng Neo is also a Certified SkillsFuture Mentor with Enterprise Singapore, guiding SMEs to enhance their Learning and Development capabilities.  She is also a trained consultant in Human Resource Maturity Diagnostics (HRMD) from Korn Ferry HayGroup.





Wai K, MCC, is the Vice Chair of ICF Global Board and brings with him over 30 years of leadership experiences, with 15 years at senior management level. He has trained and coached more than 10,000 leaders over his span of 20 years as a leader, coach and trainer and clocked more than 2500 hours of executive coaching experience working with large multinational clients within the region. He is also an ICF-accredited coaching skills assessor.

Wai K has authored 2 successful books on leadership and coaching. His contribution to the coaching industry includes holding the chair as President of ICF Malaysia Chapter (2009-2014), Board Member of Asia Pacific Coach Alliances 2013. He is Hogan Certified and a graduate of Positive Psychology and VIA Character Strengths.

Wai K is currently the Vice Chair for ICF Global Board.  He is able to provide the leadership views, expertise and feedback from the coaching community to help drive the direction of ICF for this region. In addition, he is at the forefront on the latest development in coaching at ICF, and have been instrumental in designing and implementing the latest coaching philosophy and techniques to the programme.