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Arlyn Fausto

There is great value derived from every session of this Coach Certification class.  It offers a comprehensive blended learning experience coupled with a lot of practical applications. 

Beyond coaching tools and techniques, I believe the most important take away is your journey toward self-discovery.  This course will help you find out your unleashed potential and all other skills you thought you never had.  The impossible becomes possible.  Armed with this life-changing view, you will really feel that this impact translate to your coaching approach.

Anyone who finishes this course would certainly feel like a pro, I guarantee you! 

Arlyn FaustoHead Corporate RecruitmentABS-CBN
Wu Sihui

I attended the Coach Certification training by BP Coach Training Pte Ltd and the experience was exhilarating for me due to 3 ‘C’s:

1. Content – I learnt so much about what makes a great coach, as well as coaching techniques that could enable transformational coaching.

2. Capability – I witnessed my own transformation as a coach, and my skills improved tremendously through feedback and practice.

3. Clarity – As I received coaching from other participants, I gained clearer understanding of my personal beliefs, purpose and goals.

I would highly recommend the training for all aspiring coaches and leaders!  More testimonials from Sihui’s blog.

Sihui WuL&D ProfessionalCapitaLand

I found this programme well curated; providing anyone who is serious about coaching the tools and methodology needed to get started. It was a pleasure watching the Coach unravel tools of his trade in a way that looks so deceivingly easy; there was never a dull moment in this extensive programme. It felt like we have been given a box of tools to pick from in our coaching journey. I am looking forward to applying useful techniques and approaches to be a better leader.

Beryl NgExecutive DirectorNon-Profit Organisation
Erin Lau

I have truly benefited from the 2-day workshop conducted by Eng Neo and Laurence. As a team lead, I have gained more clarity on the role of coaching. Though we cannot change a situation, I have experienced that effective coaching can change the outcome by shifting one’s perspective, exploring the possible options and empowering the individual to create his or her own solutions. I can see how the power of effective coaching inspires greater performance and potential in a team and organization. Throughout the workshop, I felt engaged, motivated and excited about my role as an effective coach. It was indeed an enjoyable and valuable experience.

Erin L.Deputy DirectorHealthcare Industry

The Coaching Certification experience has helped me a lot, I recommend this course highly as it gives the tools and the knowledge to become a good coach. I gained a lot of practical insights. I have recognized the mistakes I have previously been making and I removed bad habits picked up over the years!

The program was enriching and easy to follow thanks to the guidelines given by the team.  It was useful and we learned more than I had expected.  Everything was very well prepared; we received an amazing teaching with fun and interactive activities, punctuated by delicious snacks at the breaks! We had to face some challenges as well and it was a source of pride to go through the course and feel more aware and empowered.

Eng Neo, Laurence and Wai K took the best care of us. All along the training they have been supportive, involved and willing to help us to understand and to improve. It was a great program with a wide and intense scope.

Thank you for this training and for giving me the impulse and the motivation!

Sophie DanselmeIndependent Consultant
Coaching Book

I just finished reading the coaching book Eng Neo and Laurence wrote. Loved it! I was reading it as a refresher from the WSQ coaching course and was drawn in by the unique case/storytelling approach adopted for a book on coaching. I like how they have woven coaching into a convincing story as an effective approach for leadership, organisational and people development.

I also like the realism and honesty in the conversations, the humility and wholesomeness in the tone of the writing, and the other good life values captured. John Chen is a good model of a coach. Thank you. Keep up the wonderful work!

Wai Quen W. Commercial Real Estate Marketing

The intensive certification training helped me to navigate through the complexity I faced in the past 5 years as a corporate coach. This training made me have a deep understanding of what mindset a coach should have, when and how we should use all the helpful tools, such as, teaching, mentoring and coaching, which enabled me to help my clients more effectively. The clarification of some concepts enabled me to become more insightful to guide my clients to increase their self-awareness.

Lisa MengRegional DGM of Learning and Organization Development
Francis Seah

It was really a fruitful and insightful learning journey for me in pursuing the Coach Certification course. The facilitators were extremely excellent, exhibiting good knowledge and providing valuable real life case studies with no hesitation in imparting their knowledge and skillsets to the participants. The competencies gained from the course have benefited me very much on my current job roles as well as my own personal engagements too. The course has provided me with the framework and tools to competently carry out the coaching process and I am much more confident in coaching my senior leaders in my organization.

In addition, those fun and insightful learning activities throughout the program have enabled us to be highly engaged, energized and always on a learning mode from the beginning to the end of the course. It has created a friendly, fun and interactive learning environment for all of us.

Thanks for all your great work and your dedication in sharing and teaching all of us!! I would strongly recommend those who are interested to learn more about coaching to take up the certification course and like me, you would have make a right choice !!

Francis Seah Regional HR Business PartnerIdemitsu International
Jolyn Chong

I like the WSQ Coaching for Performance and Capability Development course conducted by Eng Neo and Laurence as it was very engaging and the curriculum is very structured. The flow of the course allowed me to follow it easily. Through this course, I learned that everyone has the ability to create their own solution and we should enable them to be more creative and be their own problem solver. Not only it is applicable in work, it is also applicable to my personal life such as bringing this helping skill to my family and close friends.
Before all these can take place, I must say we must build trust and relationship first. Highly recommend this course to leaders in all organisations.

Jolyn ChongSenior HRPetroChina International

This Coach Certification training is the most enjoyable and fruitful training I’ve ever attended. At the end of the training, I felt like I would like to start the program all over again! This program has helped me tremendously in understanding my strengths and weaknesses, sharpening my existing skills and most of all, have a better sense of self awareness. By applying the coaching techniques, I am even able to perform better not only at work, but am able to build better relationship with friends & family. Through the peer-coaching sessions, I can vividly see how everyone of us improved day by day. I appreciated that we had a few days of breaks in between and many review sessions when we regroup again to share how our new found skill has helped us throughout the week.

I have also had the opportunity of meeting an amazing bunch of people, they are now friends instead of just classmates. The facilitator is indeed an excellent trainer and his level of patience, energy and focus is admirable. He has provided us with an extremely warm and supportive learning environment, that alone is priceless.

Best Investment

I enjoyed the certification program very much. It’s fun and engaging.  I should have done this 20 years ago.  The coaching skills learnt nicely wrapped up all the soft skills I learnt in the past.  Coaching is a life skill, does not matter if you are a manager, employee or home maker.

We spend money on facials, hair treatment, digital gadgets etc….this is the best investment I have made for myself. It’s not only about the “What” but more importantly the “Who”.  This is not just a coaching journey, it’s also a self discovery journey for me.  Its powerful in creating the self awareness so that I can coach more effectively.  More importantly, this course equips us with the right mindset, process and tools to help us coach effectively. Its time worth spending to sharpen our saw!

YT BanFormer MNC Director

I have found the Coach Certification course to be very useful and transformational. It exceeded my expectation in many ways. The course was very engaging, well designed and well organized. I really enjoyed the interactive dialogue and coaching role-play that occurred between the other participants. The intensive course filled with essential information to improve coaching skills and help you to prepare obtaining accredited by ICF. The trainer was very knowledgeable and experienced. The coaching he demonstrated was an eye-opening experience. I really enjoyed every single minute of the course. The program gave me tools to succeed as a good coach, it is something I am truly grateful for. I look forward to applying what I leant from the course to my clients. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to develop your coaching skills as a leader or a professional coach.

Angela-Ip WeaverSenior Dating CoachLUNCH Actually Group

Eng Neo and Laurence bring with them a rich depth of knowledge, methods and experiences, which makes this particular course uniquely different from other coaching courses. Their delivery of the teaching material and sharing of personal experiences from both coaching and their years of professional practice challenges us to rethink our assumptions of leadership management. Although the Coaching for Performance and Capability Development course was short, it provided us with a comprehensive overview of leadership coaching, enabling us to learn new methods and to develop a different mindset necessary to overcome challenges in managing individuals and teams in the current workplace environment.

Stella TanPhD ResearcherRMIT University

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