The Coaching Certification experience has helped me a lot, I recommend this course highly as it gives the tools and the knowledge to become a good coach. I gained a lot of practical insights. I have recognized the mistakes I have previously been making and I removed bad habits picked up over the years!

The program was enriching and easy to follow thanks to the guidelines given by the team.  It was useful and we learned more than I had expected.  Everything was very well prepared; we received an amazing teaching with fun and interactive activities, punctuated by delicious snacks at the breaks! We had to face some challenges as well and it was a source of pride to go through the course and feel more aware and empowered.

Eng Neo, Laurence and Wai K took the best care of us. All along the training they have been supportive, involved and willing to help us to understand and to improve. It was a great program with a wide and intense scope.

Thank you for this training and for giving me the impulse and the motivation!

Sophie DanselmeIndependent Consultant