The power of praise

The power of praise
There's a movement afoot that says year-end performance reviews don't provide the frequency of feedback people require to understand and act on their professional development needs early enough. Ditch the year-end performance review, and instead provide regular, on-the-spot feedback, goes the thinking.  While I ascribe to the idea that feedback should come far more frequently than once or twice per year, I think there's a built-in assumption that s...

Performance Management vs Performance Appraisal

As the year end draws to a close, many HR leaders around the world are scrambling to get the employees within their organisation to complete their annual performance appraisal. For many managers, it’s that time of the year where they dread the most. Form filing, meeting their staff for review, and the occasional heated exchange between them and their staff over the ratings. Performance Appraisal Why is Performance Appraisal becoming a chore for many ...