How SMEs can draw and retain young tech talent

Understand the talent and strategise in order to stay on top of the talent acquisition game and retain high quality talent. SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) are at the heart of Singapore's economy. SMEs make up 99 per cent of our enterprises, employ two-thirds of our workforce, and account for nearly half of Singapore's gross domestic product. One of the biggest challenges that SMEs face is undoubtedly the shortage of talent - especially top tec

Millennial Managers? What Coaches can Do to Help Prepare Companies

By 2020 Millennials will make up 50 percent of the global workforce, and every day more of their members are eligible to become supervisors, managers and bosses. The only problem is, they don’t want to. At least, not in the usual sense. Reports show that younger workers are less interested in managing people and more interested in things like job mobility and becoming “knowledge experts.” But in fact, Millennials aren’t unwilling to lead, they just wa...

Understanding & Leading the Millennials

Millennials are people who are aged between 20 to 35, as at 2016. They are also known as the Gen Y's, Internet Generation or i-Gens, Why do Baby Boomers and Gen X leaders generally find leading the younger generations frustrating? The answer lies in the differences in values, mindset, expectations and preferences between these generations. In order for us to be more effective in leading them, let's understand a few areas of facts and myths about the Mi...