4 Questions that Will Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

4 Questions that Will Improve Your Emotional Intelligence
Great article written by a Clinical Psychologist on how to improve your emotional intelligence.Emotional intelligence means the capacity to reflect on and understand your emotional life. Because the clearer you can be about your emotions — what they are and how they work — the better you’ll be able to manage the most difficult and painful ones. Thankfully, we can all improve our emotional intelligence with a little learning and some practice. What fol...

Knowing Your Emotional Triggers

We are all emotionally activated and agitated by different things and to different degrees. For some, it might be noticing arrogance, for others it might be hearing a particular tone of voice. And, sometimes your trigger might even be something seemingly mundane, such as badly made coffee. Whatever your emotional triggers may be, it is very useful to understand them.There’s often a storyOur common humanity means that we share countless em...