Maximizing Personal Strengths

"What are your personal strengths?"  I asked a client during a coaching conversation a few years ago. He mentioned that he is very analytical, a good communicator and a relationship builder.  Working as a technical director in a large company, he was a consistent achiever with a solid track record. However, he felt that there was something missing in his job and it was not fulfilling. Let’s explore the concept of strengths as the situa...

3 Tips for a Happier Holiday

With the holidays round the corner, here's a great article from VIA Institute of Character...   What's one of the best things about the VIA Survey?  I’ll tell you. It does not measure weaknesses. Yes, it’s true that your signature strengths, those at the top of your profile (sign in to see your profile), may come most naturally to you, but you have the capacity to express and boost all 24.   Why is thi...