For many employees, performance review is one of the most stressful work conversation that they face yearly. Likewise, many managers dread having that same conversation. In general, it’s an uncomfortable situation for both parties as performance appraisal has traditionally been viewed as one person judging the other.

Evaluating an employee’s performance involves more than an annual appraisal. Performance management should be an on-going process. This involves setting clear expectations and goals, real-time feedback, regular coaching for performance improvement and discussion on learning and development.

Effective Performance Management ConversationHaving an effective performance management conversation is key to enhancing an employee’s performance and development. It is both a mind set and a specialized dialoguing technique designed to bring out the best in a person; a skill that can be learnt and sharpened by supervisors and managers who desire to be successful leaders and coaches.


This 2-day workshop will equip leaders, managers and supervisors with the right mindset, skills, processes, tools and techniques to effectively conduct employee performance management activities.  Below is the course outline for the workshop.

Course Outline:-

  • Mindset and Behaviour of an Effective Leader
    • Key components of Performance Management
    • Importance of Mindset shift and Performance Coaching
  • Effective Performance Management Conversation Skillsets
    • Building Trust with Employee
    • Effective Listening Skills
    • Powerful Questioning Techniques to effect change
  • Performance Management Process
    • Performance Coaching Process
    • Giving Constructive Feedback
    • Engaging in Career Conversation
  • Tools and Techniques to Effect Change
    • Validation to Evoke Confidence
    • Visualisation to Inspire Actions
    • Expanding Perspectives for Paradigm Shift

Our Training methodology is based on Adult learning principles and hence, emphasizes on experiential learning activities, small group and class interactions as well as skills-based practices during the workshop. This methodology accelerates adult learning, retention and brings forth the application/relevance to real-life situations. Equally important, the workshop is engaging and enjoyable for the participants.  Hear what some of our participants say about our workshops.

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