Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing —Tom Peters.

Coaching skills are increasingly more important for leaders in today’s world.  Gone are the days where employees obediently follow their managers orders, without much questioning.  With a new generation of professionals in today’s workforce, leaders have to use a different approach in handling and inspiring these younger generation. Generally, they have lots of passion and creativity in what they do.  It takes good leaders and managers to take a different approach in coaching these employees to their fullest potential.

ICF LogoAt BP Coach, we have a program that provides the necessary training for leaders to become certified coaches.  The “Certified Master Performance Coach” program is specially designed and customized to fulfil requirements by International Coach Federation. Graduating student’s will be awarded the credential “Certified Master Performance Coach” and they can then proceed to apply to ICF for credentialing as Associate Certified Coach (ACC) through the ACSTH path (Other ICF ACC Credentialing terms apply).


Program Approach & Methodology  

Certified Master Performance Coach is designed to meet these needs

  • ICF pre-approved training hours for ACC credentialing
  • ICF pre-approved hours for re-certification ACC, PCC, MCC
  • 62 hours of coaching principles and practice
  • Mentoring and feedback from ICF Professional Certified Coach
  • Coach professionally upon graduation.

Unified Theory     

Coaching as a profession has been influenced by several areas of expertise and professions such as:

  • Positive Psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Leadership Development, Change Principles, Performance Management

Practical Model

Coaching is a fast emerging profession. There are many models that are powerful and effective and we believe that synergizing and developing your personal coaching model will make you unique and different from the rest.

Combining Theory and Practice

We believe that the combination of theory and practice is required for a successful coaching experience. Here, you get the opportunity to apply coaching principles in your coaching practice and learn how to leverage your strengths through it.

Program & Study Hours

42 hours direct contact + 20 hours supervised coaching = 62 total program hours over 8 intensive days. (Phase 1 – 3 days; Phase 2 – 4 days; Phase 3 – 1 day assessment) or customized to in-house schedule.

Program Structure

Certified Coach is made up of the following courses:

    • What is coaching?
    • Distinctions coaching, mentoring, counselling, consulting
    • Coaching misconceptions
    • Coaching Deliverable
    • C.L.E.A.R.S
    • Deliverable vs Outcome
    • 3 Paradigm Shifts
    • 3 Coaching Principles
    • The Coaching Process
    • Ethical Standards & Practices
      • What are they?
      • The Challenges
      • What does it mean to us?
    • Coaching Agreement
      • P.R.O Model
      • Session Agreement
      • Setting Clear Intentions
    • Building Trust and Intimacy
      • People & Objects Model
      • S.C.A.R.F Principle
      • The Brain & Trust
    • Coaching Presence
      • Developing Presence
      • Processing in the Present
      • 3 Powerful Presence Techniques
    • Powerful Questions
      • Designing Powerful Questions
      • Transformational vs Transactional Questions
      • The Scaling Technique
      • Clarifiers
    • Active Listening
      • Active vs Engaged Listening
      • Listening For Strengths
      • Listening For Beliefs
    • Direct Communication
      • Expressing with Metaphors
      • Body Language, Tone and Words
      • Clean & Powerful Feedback
    • Creating Awareness
      • Johari Window Model
      • The Power of Silence
      • Powerful Inklings
    • Designing Actions
      • Inviting Possibilities
      • Expanding Options
      • Doing, Thinking & Being
    • Planning and Goal Setting
      • Designing Supportive Environments
      • Identifying and Creating Resources
      • Sustaining Planned Actions
    • Managing Accountability
      • Patterns and Barriers
      • Commitment vs Interest
      • Values & Goal Alignment
  • Coaching Models
    • GROW Model
  • Supervised Coaching
    • Coaching Feedback from Professional Certified Coach
  • Coaching Practicum
    • Be a coach and coachee
  • Certification Mentoring
    • Preparation for ICF ACC Certification


Learning Outcomes

Key learning outcomes include:

  • An understanding of coaching and the coaching industry
  • Ability to apply core coaching competency
  • The ability to reflect on your own coaching practice at a high level

Coach-Specific Training Hours

  • Core competencies    52 hours
  • Coaching tools            10 hours
  • Total Hours              62 hours

Training Approach

Fun, Experiential and Accelerated Learning Techniques, Group Discussions, Games, Adult Learning Activities, Coaching Practicum, Feedback from ICF Certified Coach.

BP Coach is the authorised licensee for the “Certified Master Performance Coach” (CMPC) coach certification program in Singapore from JMC Coach Mastery.  This program has been attended and well received by hundreds of participants all over the Asia Pacific region.

See what some of these graduates have to say about the program.

Here’s a video on the feedback of the CMPC program from our graduates. 


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