This is a 2-day performance coaching workshop where managers learn the aspects of leadership development and techniques to apply those skills appropriately in their work environment to develop and improve staff performance.

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Coaching staff for growth, development and higher performance have become one of the most important leadership skills to master. Many managers are skilful task drivers to achieve results but are poor people developers. The long-term effect is de-motivated employees, vacuum in the leadership succession and poorly skilled staff with silo mentality lacking personal accountability.

Coaching is not about directing, telling or advising. It is a specialized conversation technique designed to bring out the best in people; a skill that can be learnt and sharpened by managers who desire to be masterful coaches and leaders. This skill is needed even more when holding performance appraisal session where the manager help the subordinate assess their areas of strengths and growth opportunities, set performance goals and objectives, reviewing accomplishments and rewarding performance.



This course has been contextualised to address specific leadership skills to equip Leaders and Supervisors with the fundamental coaching knowledge and skills to develop and enhance employees’ performance and potential.  The ultimate goal is to achieve the organisation goals, develop people (both employees and leaders) and retain good talent. 



Our methodology is based on the C.O.A.Ch Model.  There are four key components that will be covered during the course.  The first involves the Mindset and Behavioral change of a leader coach.  The second part covers the Coaching Process for an effective conversation.  Thirdly, the participants will learn the fundamental Coaching Skills of Building Trust and the effective Communication skills of Active Listening and Powerful Questioning.  Finally, the participants will be taught the necessary tools and techniques to effect change.



  • Mindset and Behavior of a Masterful Leader Coach
    • Distinction between the various Leadership Helping skills (eg. Mentoring, Coaching etc.) employed by Leaders
    • Benefits of Leader as a Coach and Impact to Organisation
    • Importance of Mindset shift
  • Building Trust for Effective Coaching
    • Competency vs Character Trust
    • How do we treat our employees/others?
    • Accentuating the Positive
  • Effective Communication
    • The Power of Active Listening
      • Discover the 4 areas of listening to uncover the said/unsaid
      • Levels of Listening
      • Listening for Strengths
      • Working with different Personalities
      • Barriers to Listening
    • The Art of Powerful Questioning
      • Questions Structure
      • Benefits of Powerful Questioning
      • Designing Powerful Questions to create self-awareness, challenge paradigms and stretch the potential
  • Tools and Techniques to Help Progress/effect Change
    • Explore the G.R.O.W process in a Coaching Conversation and in Performance Discussion
    • Employ the SCALING Technique to Create Awareness and Prioritize Actions
    • Feedback Process to improve performance
    • Feedforward Technique

Our Training methodology is based on Adult learning principles and hence, emphasizes on experiential learning activities, small group and class interactions as well as skills-based practices during the workshop.  This methodology accelerates adult learning, retention and brings forth the application/relevance to real-life situations.  Equally important, the workshop is engaging and enjoyable for the participants.

The content of this 2-day “Coaching for Performance” workshop is based on the Core Coaching Competencies outlined by the International Coach Federation(ICF), which is a global organisation that sets the standards and guidelines for the coaching community.  Our facilitators are ICF certified coaches and are also facilitating ICF approved Coaching Certification programme.



At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Apply Leadership Coaching knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to enhance employees’ performance
  • Communicate effectively with team members
  • Motivate employees to make positive changes
  • Prioritize actions and make effective decisions with team
  • Develop talent and skills
  • Build trust and strong relationships with employees and others



Formal/Informal Leaders and Supervisors who motivate team members to higher levels of performance and develop talent in others.



“One of the most effective training in my life.  Precious coaching skills and enhanced performance” AIA participant

 “Enforces self-discovery and awareness for both the Coach and Coachee” ISCA participant

 “Conversation with my direct reports can be more focused now” Nestle participant

 “Well done, Interaction was good, Good mix of theory, Practical sharing, Role play, Mindset shift“ Deloitte participant

 “Focus on the competency as a coach is very useful as it is the most important to be a successful coach.  All very practical and if put into practice will benefit the organization as a whole” Coca Cola participant

 “Very satisfied with the program.  It is a mind-shifting workshop and I learned how important it is to be a solution enabler.  Will coach more in the future” Avanade participant