How Mindfulness Can Benefit Us

Science Says Humans Now Have Shorter Attention Spans Than Goldfish--This Is How You Can Fix That Learning how to live in the present moment offers bigger benefits than you might imagine.Digital devices constantly vie for your attention. Email alerts, text messages, flashing advertisements, and social media seek to distract you from the tasks at hand.But it isn't just electronic devices that try to derail you from your goals. There's a tug o

Managers and Leaders Using Coaching Skills

2016 ICF Global Coaching Study The coaching profession grows and evolves daily, creating new opportunities for professional coaches and new challenges to overcome.Last year, ICF partnered with PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP to conduct the survey that formed the building blocks of the forthcoming 2016 ICF Global Coaching Study. The 2015 survey had a record-breaking 15,380 responses from 137 countries. It also differed from other iterations of the survey in...

Do You Individualize Your Coaching Practices?

Great coaches begin by understanding the individual strengths of each person, and they implement the following principle, which is attributed to Peter Drucker: Build the strengths and make the weaknesses irrelevant.Many leaders used to do the job of the people they’re coaching. And those leaders often were very successful in that job, and they’ve developed the belief that they know THE way to achieve success. Many sales training programs are based on

The Raffles Conversation with Marshall Goldsmith

Managing mojo Marshall Goldsmith, acclaimed leadership coach to corporate stars, remains passionate about his mission, 40 years on.'WANT to know my retirement date? It's been set," author and leadership coach Marshall Goldsmith tells me, with a twinkle in his eye. I lean in expectantly."When I'm dead!" he exclaims, breaking out in gales of laughter. His response comes as no surprise and I smile from the sheer contagious energy of the sprightly 6

Letting younger employees take the lead

Reverse mentoring harnesses the innovation potential of a multi-generational workforce. BE honest. If you were in charge of governing innovation in a bank, who would you entrust the leadership of innovation to: "the old guard" who seek and strive for stability, security and predictability or the younger "fintech trailblazers" who can help to combat the big bang disruptors that enjoy a huge advantage over corporations that have yet to install customer-ce...

The Changing Face of Talent Management

There are four themes of talent management that C-suite executives are challenged with in today's working world. THE effective management of human capital has become one of the key success factors for businesses in a highly competitive and globalising world. As businesses become critically reliant on their people to innovate and seek competitive advantages, the proverbial "war for talent" has never been more intense.We discuss the four key themes fo...

SME Portal

  The SME Portal (formerly known as the EnterpriseOne Portal) is the first stop for Singapore SME owners and aspiring entrepreneurs looking for information, tools and services that can help them build sustainable and competitive businesses. Serving the business community since 2006, the Portal has been enhanced over the years to meet the changing needs of SMEs. Support for Your Businesses Through collaborations between SPRING Singapore, governmen...