When workers check out, check your workplace culture

When workers check out, check your workplace culture
This is a good article on the need to develop the right workplace culture. It highlights an example of SingHealth cyberattack and the issues raised during the public hearing... It is the human element that makes everything work (or not). It's a crucial point with the advent of tech. WE have all been there. That sensation when your body is present in the office, but your heart and mind have left the building a long time ago. Whatever it is, you hav

How SMEs can draw and retain young tech talent

Understand the talent and strategise in order to stay on top of the talent acquisition game and retain high quality talent. SMALL and medium enterprises (SMEs) are at the heart of Singapore's economy. SMEs make up 99 per cent of our enterprises, employ two-thirds of our workforce, and account for nearly half of Singapore's gross domestic product. One of the biggest challenges that SMEs face is undoubtedly the shortage of talent - especially top tec

ICF Global Board Directors Election – Message from Wai K.

2018 Board Election Nominees As ICF continues to evolve into a large, complex global association, it requires governance with an expanded set of knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes to continue leading the organization and the profession of coaching in the future. The ICF Global Board is a body of seven to nine elected members who govern the affairs of the organization. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to set the vis...

Building a corporate culture in SMEs pays off

They have an edge over bigger companies from Day One - size - making it easier to accomplish the task CORPORATE culture is fundamental to the success of any company. It is the emotional glue that bonds an organisation to its employees and customers. For small companies, the need for a successful and effective corporate culture is even more pronounced. Most start-ups and SMEs are cash-strapped and resource-starved, and, unlike their bigger counterparts

SMEs prioritising employee development – SkillsFuture SME Mentors

The advancement of human capital is constantly at the forefront of SME leaders’ minds. Fifty SMEs have completed or are about to complete the nine-month mentoring programme offered under SkillsFuture, with another 55 firms set to participate in this initiative. To date, 116 mentors with vast HR and business experience in a wide range of industries have also been roped in to counsel and guide participating SMEs in revamping its people practices.

Helping SME Maximise ROI in People Development

Spring Singapore is organising a half-day seminar "Helping SME Maximise ROI in People Development" on 25 May 2017. This is part of the SME SkillsFuture Programme initiated by Spring Singapore over a year ago, to help SME in their human capital and people development journey.  Click here to register for the half-day seminar. More information about the SkillsFuture Mentor Programme, please visit our website or Spring SkillsFutur...

Invest in employees’ development

Competitiveness requires an organisation to put employees first and develop quality training programmes. PUBLISHED reports by the IMF, World Bank and OECD have been of consistent view that the global economy is in the midst of a decade-long slow growth environment characterised by an imminent productivity growth crisis. Regrettably, the growth outlook for 2017 shows a continuation of this trend globally. The looming labour shortage and skill defici

ICF Names 2017 Global Board Officers – Wai K (Vice Chair)

We are proud to announce our very own Master Certified Coach Wai K, has been elected to Vice Chair of ICF (International Coach Federation) Global Board. Wai K, as many of you know, is our lead facilitator for our Certified Master Performance Coach (CMPC) program.  Join us and meet Wai K in our upcoming CMPC program in Feb/Mar 2017.     11 Jan 2017 - ICF Updates: Following a vote by the ICF Global Board of Directors, W

Why Focus Leadership Development on Strengths?

We’re flushing time, resources and dollars down the toilet when we focus them on improving performance by investing in weaknesses and fixing what’s wrong. Investing those same resources into more fully leveraging strengths and extending what’s right, would yield much higher returns on the investment. I wish everyone making leadership development decisions could hear this observation I recently heard from a client: “I think the whole

Skills that the next generation of business leaders need

BRIGHT-EYED and bushy-tailed employees climbing the corporate ladder often have this mistaken notion that performing tasks well is all it takes to get to the next rung. But the reality is that technical competency does not make you the best candidate to get promoted and manage a team. More is demanded from business leaders today, making the hunt to fill top jobs even more difficult. A 2016 LinkedIn study on leadership challenges revealed that organi...